Matt Seaton is the editor of the NYR Daily. (August 2018)

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Behind the Anti-Semitism Crisis of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party

A Campaign Against Antisemitism protester outside the Labour Party headquarters, London, April 8, 2018

The controversy over anti-Semitism in the Labour Party is, in reality, a displacement of a deeper, more systemic political rift in the party. And, in vital ways, that’s a far more significant obstacle than the administrative-disciplinary issue of rooting out a small minority of Holocaust equivocators and vitriolic anti-Zionists. This is an argument for the need to reframe our understanding of why anti-Semitism seems to loom so large in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. The true story is that the fight between Corbyn skeptics and Corbyn fans over Jews and Israel has become a ruinous proxy for what is, in its essence, a struggle between social-democrats and socialists for the soul of the party itself.