The Coming Medical War

Shaw and the Doctors

by Roger Boxill

The Quality of Mercy: A Report on the Critical Condition of Hospital and Medical Care in America

by Selig Greenberg
RIDGEON: I think I did. It really comes to that…. I suppose—yes: I killed him. JENNIFER: And you tell me that! to my face! callously! You are not afraid! RIDGEON: I am a doctor: I have nothing to fear. —George Bernard Shaw The Doctor’s Dilemma “Let us not …

Unkind Cutter

The Making of a Surgeon

by William A. Nolen M.D.
William A. Nolen’s father was a lawyer. “Billy,” his son quotes him as saying, “if you’re smart, when you grow up you’ll be a doctor. Those bastards have it made.” Billy did grow up, and did become a doctor, and does have it made, at least according to most of …