The Very Rich Hours of the Shah

The Houghton Shahnameh

introduced and described by Martin Bernard Dickson and Stuart Cary Welch
Although it is at once both more and rather less than an exact facsimile of a supremely rich and richly illustrated sixteenth-century Persian manuscript, this publication of the Houghton Shahnameh puts one uniquely into the position of its first recipient, the Turkish Sultan Selim II. On the big scale of …

How Much?

The Economics of Taste

by Gerald Reitlinger
The first edition of this book was published in England in 1961 and the present one is of 1964. Not a jot of the original text appears to have been altered and thus collectors have the book in its perfect pristine form, with no error—however gross—corrected and, it need hardly …


An Illustrated History of Furnishing

by Mario Praz

The House of Life

by Mario Praz
Although the second of these two books is a sort of autobiography, the two produce a surprisingly homogeneous effect. Both are not so much concerned as positively obsessed with interior decor, down to the minutest detail of ormolu lion-claw table legs and waxen flowers under glass domes. Both are written …