Riesman in the Sixties

Abundance for What?

by David Riesman
Reading through this new collection of David Riesman’s essays is a peculiarly unpleasant experience. The pieces collected here were originally published or delivered as lectures during the past nine years, and though they fall naturally into four sections divided by subject—“The Impact of the Cold War,” “Abundance for What?” “Abundance …

A Good Man is Hard to Find

America Comes of Middle Age: Columns 1949-1962

by Murray Kempton
“And I should hope that I should never cross a picket line; when men are cold and hungry, it takes someone more principled than I to insult them for no better reason than that they are wrong.” —Murray Kempton Not the least funereal aspect of a New York City …

New Novels

Of Streets and Stars

by Alan Marcus
Alan Marcus’ novel—which, the publishers tell us on the jacket, circulated for almost two years in a private edition until the high praise of several reputable critics brought the book to their attention—comes as something of a surprise. Of Streets and Stars participates in that almost-genre, the Hollywood novel, and …