Mohsen Aminzadeh was the deputy foreign minister in the government of President Mohammad Khatami (1997–2005). (July 2019)


Iran’s Reformists: ‘This War Will Have Only Losers’

Parents at the tomb of their son killed in the Iran–Iraq War at the Martyrs’ Cemetery, Isfahan, Iran, October 14, 2016

As veteran members of the reformist movement in Iran, we are concerned about the mortal blow that even a limited military conflict with the United States of America will deal to the democratic movement of Iran. We can already feel the restrictions that the crisis of the last two years has imposed on the fragile civil society and peaceful political activity in Iran. There are people on both sides of the political and ideological divide between Iran and the US who are convinced that they will benefit from the business of war with Iran. They are wrong. This war will have only losers. The vicious counsel of warmongers must give way to the calm voices of peace and reconciliation.