Molly Crabapple, a New York-based artist and writer, is a contributing editor to VICE. Her published work includes the memoir Drawing Blood, a nonfiction book on the Greek economic crisis Discordia (co-authored with Laurie Penny), and the art books Devil in the Details and Week in Hell. (November 2017)


Puerto Rico’s DIY Disaster Relief

Two weeks after Hurricane Maria hit, aid remained a bureaucratic quagmire, mismanaged by FEMA, the FBI, the US military, the laughably corrupt local government. The island looked like it was stuck somewhere between the nineteenth century and the apocalypse. But leftists, nationalists, socialists—the anarchist and feminist Louisa Capetillo’s sons and daughters—were stepping up to rebuild their communities. Natural disasters have a way of clarifying things. They sweep away once-sturdy delusions, to reveal old treasures and scars.