Nicholas von Hoffman is a columnist for The Huffington Post.


The Fly on Nixon’s Wall

Witness to Power: The Nixon Years

by John Ehrlichman
Even when, during the period of their power, they called the author and his chief collaborator, H. R. Haldeman, “the German shepherds,” it was bruited about that Ehrlichman was the nice one who might give you two sniffs and a lick. He was the one of this pair of guardians …

Know Thy President

Reagan the Man, the President

by Hedrick Smith and Adam Clymer and Leonard Silk and Robert Lindsey and Richard Burt

The Real Reagan: What He Believes, What He Has Accomplished, What We Can Expect From Him

by Frank van der Linden
Every president since Franklin Roosevelt has been put to the hundred-day test, so Ronald Reagan got measured by the same standard. Articles were duly written putting his first hundred days in the White House up against the fabled first one hundred days of the New Deal. Reagan regularly gets likened …

Seize the Day

Soon to be a Major Motion Picture

by Abbie Hoffman
Soon to be a major motion picture let’s hope, for now it is a minor book. Oh Abbie, Abbie, all who lived through the Sixties will neither forget you nor be able to recompense you for your enraged nuttiness. You were the Street Groucho, you could kill ’em by kiddin’ …

Morning of the Jackal

Assassination on Embassy Row

by John Dinges and Saul Landau
Here is a well-told story of murder, mystery, mistresses, dictators, stool pigeons, love affairs, foreign agents, that ends in the best possible way—the FBI gets its man. The only sour note is that the story is true and the victims are real. Former Chilean ambassador Orlando Letelier and his assistant, …

Gong Ho

Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy

by G. Gordon Liddy
Among all the Watergate confessional literature this book is far and away the best. It is the only entertaining one, the only funny one, although it isn’t always clear when the jokes are intended. By the end, you may still not have formed a settled opinion on whether G. Gordon …

Passing the Buck

The Fate of the Dollar

by Martin Mayer
Martin Mayer’s tale begins back in the happy days of Good King Ike, when Americans coursed about the globe, displaying the contents of their wallets with the same pride and to the same effect as the sons of that earlier imperial republic used to tell foreigners in their own capitals, …

Meet Mr. Right

An American Renaissance: A Strategy for the 1980s

by Jack Kemp
The professional athlete in politics isn’t the same as a gladiator the emperor put in the Senate, but there is enough residual, last-century snobbism in us to squirm at the play-for-pay chaps getting into high places. It’s well enough to have the Throwin’ Samoan open up a ribs joint, if …

Red Flannel Days

A Time to Heal: The Autobiography of Gerald R. Ford

Martha: The Life of Martha Mitchell

by Winzola McLendon
“About three o’clock next morning,” Jerry Ford writes in his memoirs, “I was awakened from a sound sleep by a very wet kiss. I opened my eyes. Liberty was wagging her tail, and I knew what that [author’s italics] meant. Groggily, I slipped on my robe and my slippers, took …