Osvaldo Ferrari is a poet, essayist, and university teacher. His poetry includes Poemas de vida (1974), Poemas autobiográficos (1981), and Poemas existenciales (2012).


A Prophet in Reverse

Tullio Pericoli: Jorge Luis Borges, 1987

Jorge Luis Borges: History would be the art of divining the past, no?

Osvaldo Ferrari: Yes, the art of the historian. Borges: Yes, once something has happened, one demonstrates that it happened inevitably. But it would be more interesting to apply that to the future. Ferrari: That’s more difficult than to predict the past—it’s harder to be a prophet than a historian. Borges: Well, that’s how literary histories are written.

Borges and God

Jorge Luis Borges at the ruins of Selinunte, Sicily, 1984

Osvaldo Ferrari: Throughout your writing, you have referred to what’s divine, including the supernatural. That is, you seem to admit that transcendence exists but you don’t call it God.

Jorge Luis Borges: I do think that it’s safer not to call it God. On the other hand, if we employ other words, perhaps less precise or vivid ones, then we could approach the truth, if an approach to truth is possible. Or it could be something that we ignore.