Paul Berman is the author of A Tale of Two Utopias: The Political Journey of the Generation of 1968. (October 2001)


Landscape Architect

Looking for History: Dispatches from Latin America

by Alma Guillermoprieto
What phase of development has Latin America entered right now? What place does it occupy in “the march of history,” with respect to the rest of the world? Octavio Paz puzzled over that question in an exquisitely writ-ten passage of his book on Sor Juana, the Baroque convent poet. And …

Rabbit Undone

Licks of Love: Short Stories and a Sequel

by John Updike
The meaning of John Updike’s new title, Licks of Love, becomes clear only when you glance at the dust jacket, where a round-bottomed banjo with a long skinny neck leans like a jaunty exclamation mark upward across the cover. A “lick,” in the kind of music that might be played …