Peter Gay

Peter Gay is Director of the Center for Scholars and Writers at the New York Public Library. He wrote Schnitzler’s Century: The Making of Middle-Class Culture, 1815–1914.

Witness to Fascism

Journal, 1935–1944

by Mihail Sebastian,translated from the Romanian by Patrick Camiller, with an introduction by Radu Ioanid

October 4, 2001 issue

The Old New Man

The Old New Man

The Political Philosophy of Rousseau

by Roger D. Masters

Rousseau and the Spirit of Revolt

by William H. Blanchard

La nouvelle Héloïse: Julie or the New Heloise

by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, translated and abridged by Judith H. McDowell

The Social Contract

by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, translated and introduced by Maurice Cranston

December 5, 1968 issue

The Present in the Past

A History of French Civilization: From the Year 1000 to the Present

by Georges Duby and Robert Mandrou, translated by James Blakely Atkinson

January 28, 1965 issue

Bourgeois manifesto

What Is The Third Estate?

by Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès, translated by M. Blondel, edited by S.E. Finer, with an Introduction by Peter Campbell

August 20, 1964 issue



Select Letters of Voltaire

translated and edited by Theodore Besterman

April 16, 1964 issue

The Deluge

Paris in the Terror

by Stanley Loomis

March 19, 1964 issue

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