Peter Partner

Peter Partner’s books include Arab Voices and The Pope’s Men: The Papal Service in the Renaissance. His new book, God of Battles: Holy Wars of Christianity and Islam, has been published in the United Kingdom. (February 1998)

In Saddam’s Arms

The Monument: Art, Vulgarity and Responsibility in Iraq

by Samir al-Khalil

Culture, History and Ideology in the Formation of Ba'thist Iraq, 1968–89

by Amatzia Baram

April 25, 1991 issue

In a Fratricidal Country

In a Fratricidal Country

Tribes with Flags: A Dangerous Passage Through the Chaos of the Middle East

by Charles Glass

July 19, 1990 issue

Lost Worlds

Placeways: A Theory of the Human Environment

by Eugene Victor Walter

The Architecture of Exile

by Stanley Tigerman

The Idea of a Town: The Anthropology of Urban Form in Rome, Italy and the Ancient World

by Joseph Rykwert

December 8, 1988 issue

Marianne into Battle

Monuments and Maidens: The Allegory of the Female Form

by Marina Warner

Image as Insight: Visual Understanding in Western Christianity and Secular Culture

by Margaret R. Miles

April 10, 1986 issue

On the Town

Cities and People: A Social and Architectural History

by Mark Girouard

December 5, 1985 issue

Born Again?

Rome: Profile of a City, 312-1308

by Richard Krautheimer

May 14, 1981 issue

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