The Poisoned Country

Burundi: Ethnic Conflict and Genocide

by René Lemarchand

Purity and Exile: Violence, Memory, and National Cosmology, Among Hutu Refugees in Tanzania

by Liisa H. Malkki
In Burundi do the tall ones kill the short ones or the short ones kill the tall ones? I know Burundi does one thing and Ruanda the other. —Shiva Naipaul, North of South: An African Journey Wherever you go in Rwanda and Burundi—to a private house, a bar, a …

Vietnam: The Bitter Truth

South Wind Changing

by Jade Ngoc Quang Huynh
In the fall of 1992, shortly after Washington lifted the ban on travel by United States citizens to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the writer Susan Brownmiller arrived in Hanoi on assignment from the magazine Travel and Leisure, and was met at the airport by one Mr. Kha, her official …