Two Poems

This uncollected poem appeared in 1973 in a Keepsake for the London School of Oriental and African Studies, whose librarian, B. C. Bloomfield, was Larkin’s bibliographer. CONTINUING TO LIVE Continuing to live—that is, repeat A habit formed to get necessaries— Is nearly always losing, or going without.

Toads Revisited

Walking around in the park Should feel better than work: The lake, the sunshine, The grass to lie on, Blurred playground noises Beyond black-stockinged nurses— Not a bad place to be. Yet it doesn’t suit me, Being one of the …

Four Poems by Philip Larkin

DOCKERY AND SON “Dockery was junior to you, Wasn’t he?” said the Dean. “His son’s here now.” Death-suited, visitant, I nod. “And do You keep in touch with—” Or remember how Black-gowned, unbreakfasted, and still half-tight We used to stand before that desk, to give …