Philip Rahv (1908–1973) was an American literary critic. Rahv was a founding editor of Partisan Review. His works include Image and Idea and Literature and the Sixth Sense.


In Dubious Battle

August 1914

by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, translated by Michael Glenny
Although this is a long novel, it is only the first volume of a work of many parts. In his brief Foreword the author tells us that the whole work “may take as long as twenty years” to write and that he probably “will not live to finish it.” We …

A Special Supplement: The Other Dostoevsky

Dostoevsky: the best and the worst, inseparable. He really looks for the truth and fears to find it; he often finds it all the same and then he is terrified…a poor great man…. —Victor Serge There are two visions in Dostoevsky, a major and a minor one. The major …

Henry James and his Cult

Henry James: The Master, 1901-1916

by Leon Edel
With this fifth volume, perhaps somewhat too brashly and summarily entitled The Master, Leon Edel at long last brings to a close his biography of James which has been appearing serially since 1953. In its way it is a phenomenal production, if only because of the truly exhaustive research that …

Delmore Schwartz: The Paradox of Precocity

Selected Essays of Delmore Schwartz

edited by Donald A. Dike, edited by David H. Zucker, with an Appreciation by Macdonald Dwight
This book, a selection of the late Delmore Schwartz’s essays and reviews, has been much too long in the making. Its author, who died of a heart attack in 1966 at the age of fifty-three, was an exceptionally able literary critic. Far too sophisticated intellectually and too much at home …

With It

The Confusion of Realms

by Richard Gilman
In most of the fourteen essays collected in this book Mr. Richard Gilman comes on as the compleat “with it” critic, pushing to the limit his (perhaps) belated conversion to extreme trendiness. A literary journalist and theater reviewer in background, and lately a professor of drama at Yale, Mr. Gilman …

On Leavis and Lawrence

Anna Karenina and Other Essays

by F.R. Leavis
That F. R. Leavis is a first-rate critical personality is certain, but that is by no means the same thing as saying that he is a first-rate literary critic. No doubt he has at times achieved that stature; at other times not at all. I am here primarily concerned with …