Reah Bravo was recently the director of European operations for an international executive communications firm, for which she worked in both Milan and New York City. She is now based in Brussels. (May 2018)


The Open Secret of Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose attending a media function in New York City on November 1, 2017. Three weeks later, CBS and PBS cut their ties with the TV host after a number of women went public with accusations against him of sexual harassment and misconduct at work

I was a highly educated woman with a strong support network, and I had been privy to the open secret. Rose’s lechery didn’t sideswipe me; it swallowed me, slowly, and despite my best efforts. For those who carry the scars of having worked for the Charlie Roses of the world, it has become only too apparent how such misconduct can be normalized, even among intelligent and well-intentioned people, and even in the highest offices and most esteemed institutions in the country.