Body Building

Carlo, Rembrandt, Ettore, Jean Bugatti

by Philip Dejean, edited by Nadine Coleno and Uwe Hucke

The Amazing Bugattis

by Malcolm Haslam and Philippe Garner and Mary Harvey and Hugh Conway
Another subject of many plaisanteries was Isadora’s passionate interest in a small Bugatti and its handsome Italian driver. She had seen this little red racing car outside La Mère Tetue’s…. From that moment the car and its driver became the one subject in her mind. She even went the length …

This Property Is Condemned

Modern Architecture and Expressionism

by Dennis Sharp

Architects on Architecture

by Paul Heyer
Expressionism is to architecture as adultery is to marriage, at least in the sense that most people publicly support the stern moralists who condemn it, while wishing they were engaged in some themselves. But whereas adultery is a precise enough sin to be proven in law in the face of …