Robert Conquest, a Fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, is the author of The Great Terror. (March 1997)



The Unknown Lenin: From the Secret Archives

edited by Richard Pipes

Stalin's Letters to Molotov: 1925-1936

edited by Lars T. Lih, edited by Oleg V. Naumov, edited by Oleg V. Khlevniuk
The two recent collections of documents in the useful Yale series Annals of Communism give us, in slightly different ways, new insights into the political attitudes of Lenin and, after him, Stalin. The Unknown Lenin draws on some 3,714 documents—letters, policy statements, memos—that were withheld as late as 1990 because, …

Stalin and the Jews

Out of the Red Shadows: Anti-Semitism in Stalin's Russia

by Gennadi Kostyrchenko

Nepravedniy Sud: Posledniy Stalinskiy Rasstrel (The Unjust Trial: Stalin's Last Execution)

edited by V.P. Naumov
It has been just over half a century since the Holocaust. And we are told that many of those now in school in this country have only the vaguest notion of it. That sends one back to the realities, to the results of a lunatic criminality that still persists in …

The Somber Monster

Lenin: A New Biography

by Dmitri Volkogonov, translated and edited by Harold Shukman
The image of Lenin, and not only in those countries where it is better described as an icon, provides a major crux in our understanding of the history of our century. And how ideas about him have changed! Back in the Seventies, the present reviewer published a short biography of …