Robert F. Worth

Robert F. Worth is a contributing writer at The New York Times Magazine. His latest book is A Rage for Order: The Middle East in Turmoil, from Tahrir Square to ISIS. (October 2020)

Syria’s Lost Chance

Syria’s Lost Chance

How the West Stole Democracy from the Arabs: The Syrian Arab Congress of 1920 and the Destruction of Its Historic Liberal-Islamic Alliance

by Elizabeth F. Thompson

October 8, 2020 issue

The End of the Show

The End of the Show

Lords of the Desert: The Battle Between the United States and Great Britain for Supremacy in the Modern Middle East

by James Barr

Grand Improvisation: America Confronts the British Superpower, 1945–1957

by Derek Leebaert

October 24, 2019 issue

Yemen Under Siege

Yemen Under Siege

Yemen and the World: Beyond Insecurity

by Laurent Bonnefoy, translated from the French by Cynthia Schoch

Yemen in Crisis: Autocracy, Neo-Liberalism and the Disintegration of a State

by Helen Lackner

Tribes and Politics in Yemen: A History of the Houthi Conflict

by Marieke Brandt

February 21, 2019 issue

The Jihadis of Yemen

The Jihadis of Yemen

The Last Refuge: Yemen, al-Qaeda, and America’s War in Arabia

by Gregory D. Johnsen

High-Value Target: Countering Al Qaeda in Yemen

by Edmund J. Hull

December 6, 2012 issue

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