Dido in Love

From the Aeneid, Book IV Lines 1-53 The queen, for her part, all that evening ached With longing that her heart’s blood fed, a wound Or inward fire eating her away. The manhood of the man, his pride of birth, Came home to her time and …

Aeneid II, 3-56

“Sorrow too deep to tell, your majesty, You order me to tell and feel once more: How the Danaans leveled in the dust The splendor of our mourned-forever kingdom— Heartbreaking things I saw with my own eyes And was myself a part of. Who could …

A Nativity for This Year

Regard this pewel case in deadly light sprung to emit our poupée on his cord. Issue, big blind helmed head! Against his fright rampant, our little man goes overboard. Goes overboard for us. Grand at that height the wrinkled world and all it’s rolling toward.