Black is Beautiful

African Art, Its Background and Traditions

by René S. Wassing

African Art

by Michel Leiris and Jacqueline Delange, translated by Michael Ross
Since the beginning of this century the arts of Black Africa and of other “primitive” cultures have attracted the attention of two different but equally specialized audiences: anthropologists studying the evolution of material culture or its rituals, magic, and belief; and artists and collectors, whose taste and interest had been …

Hans Hofmann

Hans Hofmann

Introductory Essay by Sam Hunter, Five Essays by Hans Hoffmann
Hans Hofmann was over forty in 1931 when he settled in the United States. He was sixty before he began working in an abstract style, or diversity of styles, and seventy-five when, by virtue of this style, he became famous. This book is an homage to this extraordinary late flowering: …



by Albert Elsen
Too many books on Rodin have to do with matters other than his art. They are generally concerned with a life—ardente, intime, or glorieuse et inconnue—that is a dramatic story of struggle, fame, financial and amorous success. There is no use pretending this is not an endlessly fascinating story, but …

On Gauguin

Sculpture and Ceramics of Paul Gauguin

by Christopher Gray
Among the plethora of lavish books on art, whose weight, size, and number of illustrations is the large wrapping of a very small gift, it is a pleasure to come upon one that is both elegant and serious. It has been impeccably produced by The Johns Hopkins Press; the black …