Countess for a Democratic Society

Constance De Markievicz: In the Cause of Ireland

by Jacqueline Van Voris

The Rebel Countess: The Life and Times of Constance Markievicz

by Anne Marreco
The historic cause of “Ireland” is, in the popular mind, so legendary and heroic that it sometimes seems a come-down to look at its heroes and heroines. Not that they lack heroic qualities, but they are almost all oddities—cranks, even—and such a simple cause would seem to demand more straightforward …

I Don’t Know Where I’m Going

The C. B. S. Legacy Book/Record Album: The Irish Uprising, 1916-1922

The Parnell Tragedy

by Jules Abels
What can now usefully be termed the C.B.S. Legacy view of Irish history—glossy, reverential, hollow and glibly inaccurate—is enshrined within two shamrock spangled records that celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of “The Irish Uprising, 1916-1922.” The occasional literal inaccuracies are trivial; it is the lack of serious historical perception of which …