Nature’s Biggest Secret

Dreams of a Final Theory

by Steven Weinberg
Is there an ultimate theory of nature—a “Final Theory”—from whose principles all laws that govern the workings of the physical universe may be deduced? Such a theory would provide the complete underlying rules that control, in finest detail, every action of inanimate or animate matter—including all the (non-random) activities of …

The Great Diversifier

From Eros to Gaia

by Freeman Dyson
Distinguished physicist, astronomer, pure mathematician, arms control expert, government adviser, futurologist, environmentalist, humanitarian, and author—Freeman Dyson is a polymath well worthy of that description. It is not merely the scope and the depth of his knowledge, understanding, and technical expertise that set him apart, nor is it just his literacy …

The Biggest Enigma

Quantum Profiles

by Jeremy Bernstein
Of all the remarkable advances in scientific understanding that have been achieved over many centuries, it is the theory of quantum mechanics that is the most enigmatic. Introduced in the first quarter of the twentieth century, it grew to a beautiful mathematical structure that became the most revolutionary, broad-ranging, and …

Matter Over Mind

Mind Children: The Future of Robot and Human Intelligence

by Hans Moravec
There can be no doubt that high-speed electronic computers are starting to have a considerable impact on modern human society. Moreover, in future years our civilization may well be transformed almost beyond recognition, largely because of new developments in computer technology, many of which are under active consideration at the …