Roland Oliver

Absolute Beginners

Ambiguous Africa: Cultures in Collision

by Georges Balandier

False Start in Africa

by René Dumont

Africa's Search for Identity

by Victor C. Ferkiss

March 9, 1967 issue

West African Lessons

Politics in West Africa

by W. Arthur Lewis

The Penetration of Africa: European Exploration in North and West Africa to 1815

by Robin Hallett

May 26, 1966 issue

Out of Africa

A Political History of Tropical Africa

by Robert I. Rotberg

The Rise of Nationalism in Central Africa: The Making of Malawi and Zambia 1873-1964

by Robert I. Rotberg

A History of Postwar Africa

by John Hatch

Nigeria, the Tribe, the Nation or the Race: The Politics of Independence

by F.A.O. Schwartz Jr.

December 23, 1965 issue

The African Revolution

The African Nettle

edited by Frank S. Meyer

a Political Travelogue

by Thomas Molnar

Africa: From Independence to Tomorrow

by David Hapgood

Emergent Africa

by Scipio

July 1, 1965 issue

Being Black

The Importance of Being Black

by Frank Moraes

Political Parties in French Speaking West Africa

by Ruth Schachter Morgenthau

African Socialism

edited by William H. Friedland, edited by Carl G. Rosberg Jr.

February 11, 1965 issue

The Congo

Political Awakening in the Belgian Congo

by René Lemarchand

December 31, 1964 issue

Understanding Africa

Africa and Africans

by Paul Bohannan

The African Past

by Basil Davidson

September 10, 1964 issue

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