The Wisdom of Colette

Colette: The Difficulty of Loving

by Margaret Crosland

The Thousand and One Mornings

by Colette, translated by Margaret Crosland and David Le Vay
We call her great, for her gift to us is not limited to the art of writing: it is the gift of a culture. I do not mean simply French culture and taste, but that she made certain discoveries with regard to the art of being which are indispensable to …

Cutting the Marble

Diving Into the Wreck: Poems 1971-1972

by Adrienne Rich

Studies for an Actress and Other Poems

by Jean Garrigue
The first poet is very interesting. In order to understand her, we must go into a certain room in Manhattan where a light is on over a table. A serious woman is sitting there, writing a lesson, which is the lesson of her life. On the paper we observe free …