Who Murdered Lady Ashbrooke?

A Coat of Varnish

by C.P. Snow
If honors, age, and output added up to reputation, Lord Snow ought by now to be the Grand Old Man of the British novel. But he is not—not in Britain anyway. The old “Two Cultures” feud with F.R. Leavis—over Snow’s proposition that the gulf between scientists and nonscientists threatened to …

Pinter Land

Poems and Prose 1949-1977

by Harold Pinter

Complete Works: Volumes One, Two, and Three

by Harold Pinter
Harold Pinter started off unluckily. He arrived on the London stage at a time when it was no longer fashionable for playwrights merely to exercise their gifts. They had to apply them, more or less explicitly, to social themes. Among various old theatrical peacocks cawing vainly in protest at the …