Silvana Paternostro’s latest book, Solitude & Company, an oral history of Gabriel García Márquez, will be published next year in an English translation by Edith Grossman. She lives in New York City. (July 2018)

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Hell Can Be Beautiful

Cartagena, Colombia, January 2011

Return to the Dark Valley

by Santiago Gamboa, translated from the Spanish by Howard Curtis
Once shunned by travelers because of a war that left over 250,000 dead and displaced millions, Colombia is now a popular destination. For decades the US State Department advised caution in visiting, but now JetBlue has flights to three Colombian cities. The country’s jungles, red deserts, snow-capped mountains, and rivers are a must-see for ecotourists. The Audubon Society recently described Colombia as the best place in the world for bird-watching. While the world crumbles—Europe is “on the ropes,” Africa is “mired in poverty,” the Middle East “ablaze”—writes Santiago Gamboa in his recent satirical novel Return to the Dark Valley, “Colombia is on the crest of a wave.”