This Was Not Yvette

That Was Yvette: The Biography of the Great Diseuse

by Bettina Knapp and Myra Chipman
This is a dull book but for the most part worthy, not to say pious. A conscientious attempt has been made to trace the life and career of Yvette Guilbert from her childhood in the Parisian gutter (or not far removed from it), through her glittering supremacy as a fin …

Two for the Money

The Shortest Route to Paradise: The Story of Charles Peace

by David Ward

The Prince of Thieves

by J.J. Lynx
Of these two rather moderate books, David Ward’s is probably the more reliable. J. J. Lynx’s, by virtue of its charming hero, definitely the more attractive. Mr. Ward’s The Shortest Route to Paradise tells the story of Charles Peace, a notorious English house-breaker of the mid-nineteenth century who was finally …

The Way of All Flesh

Fathers to Sons: Advice without Consent

edited and introduced by Alan Valentine
My dear Boy, I have lately been reading an interesting selection of letters which have been written through the ages by fathers—mostly famous—to their sons. As you may imagine, there is a mass of moralizing and exhortation, much of it hypocritical and still more merely inept; but here and there …

Lover Boy

My Life and Loves

by Frank Harris, edited and introduced by John F. Gallagher
The autobiography of Frank Harris was originally published in five volumes; collected here into one, it runs only just short of a thousand pages, amounting, like everything else about Harris, to just ten times too much. It was written, of course, to provide money for the wretch in his old …