Simon Schama‘s most recent book is A History of Britain, Volume II: The Wars of the British, 1603–1776, the companion volume to his ongoing BBC/History Channel television series. (February 2002)


Rescuing Churchill


by Roy Jenkins
The last thing George Orwell published was a May 1949 review of Volume Two of Winston Churchill’s memoirs of the Second World War, Their Finest Hour. You might expect him to have been allergic to its chest-thumping patriotism, its flights of empurpled rhetoric; but not a bit of it. Churchill’s …

An Appeal

To our Governments and to the Secretary-General of the United Nations The world must take action to bring the war in former Yugoslavia to an end. Two and a half million people have been driven from their homes in a program of “ethnic cleansing.” Thousands of civilians have been massacred.

Grand Chutzpah

The English Rothschilds

by Richard Davis

Dear Lord Rothschild: Birds, Butterflies and History

by Miriam Rothschild
A Jewish landed aristocracy seems about as improbable as Bertie Wooster breakfasting on lox and bagels. But the Rothschilds, at their grandest, have been impeccable in breakfasts as in everything else. A famous piece of Rothschild lore has a butler asking a house guest whether he would prefer to take …