India’s Virtuoso Builders

The History of Architecture in India: From the Dawn of Civilization to the End of the Raj

by Christopher Tadgell

The Royal Palaces of India

by George Michell, photographs by Antonio Martinelli
The vast Indian subcontinent is as densely packed with remarkable architectural monuments as tiny Greece. Because they had to decide which buildings to include in the books under review, Christopher Tadgell and George Michell must have felt like hungry men roaming a vast market crammed with delicious food, knowing that …

The Sahib’s Pictures

From Merchants to Emperors: British Artists and India, 1757–1930

by Pratapaditya Pal and Vidya Dehejia
Ironically, the least “Indian” exhibition among those of the nationwide Festival of India was organized by two scholars from India. This is so not because of the subject—British watercolors, drawings, prints, and photographs relating to India, from 1757 to 1930—but because a significantly large proportion of the works in the …