Suzy Hansen is the author of Notes on a Foreign Country: An American Abroad in a Post-American World. She lives in Istanbul. (February 2018)


Istanbul Blues

Kumkapı fishermen returning to port at dawn, Istanbul, 1950

Istanbul: Memories and the City (Deluxe Edition)

by Orhan Pamuk, translated from the Turkish by Maureen Freely

Istanbul: A Tale of Three Cities

by Bettany Hughes
In the early morning hours of September 4, 1963, a family was asleep in a yalı, or wooden house, near the shore of the Bosphorus. Fog sometimes twists so completely around the waters of Istanbul that from the hillsides of the European quarter the Old City disappears. From a perch …


Turkey’s Women Strike Back

Police detaining a woman during protests at Kizilay square in central Ankara, June 16, 2013

In June, the protest that began as a tiny demonstration against the destruction of Gezi Park in Istanbul’s Taksim Square morphed into a large-scale, country-wide standoff with the Turkish government that has been followed around the globe. Since then, five people have died, some eight thousand have been injured, and hundreds of professionals, students, and workers have been arrested; still, the protests continue. What hasn’t been much noted abroad is how many of the activists closest to the front lines are women.