Tanya Marcuse is an American photographer. Her work is in many collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the George Eastman Museum. Her books include: Undergarments and Armor (2005), Wax Bodies (2012), and, most recently, Fruitless | Fallen | Woven (2019). (October 2019)


‘His Mind Was Itself a Library’: Harold Bloom, 1930–2019

Harold Bloom, June 2019

Bloom inscribed for us one of his latest volumes, an entry in his four-part series on “Shakespeare’s Personalities.” As his shaking hand struggled to sign his name, I thought of the line from As You Like It describing extreme old age: “Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.” Yet Bloom, at eighty-nine, still had his teeth and vision, and his taste—his appreciation of great verse, especially—seemed only to grow with the passage of time. His life did not end in “second childishness and mere oblivion,” the fate of senility forecast in that play, but in clarity, knowledge, and grace.