Ted Reichman is an accordionist, keyboard player, and composer who works primarily as a film composer and record producer, in addition to performing in John Hollenbeck’s Claudia Quintet, and other bands. (October 2018)

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Uncanny Encounter: Haley Fohr’s ‘Salomé’

Haley Fohr in the cover art for Reaching for Indigo, 2017

In the last ten years, Haley Fohr, a composer and vocalist who usually performs under the name Circuit des Yeux, has created an extraordinary musical language. Cloaked in a warm haze of analog tape and antique reverbs, her records sound like they could have been made at any point since the late 1960s. They share traits with psychedelia, the acoustic guitar patterns of folk music, and even the dirges of doom metal, and are impossible to place within any particular genre, style, or era. Despite her sonic experimentation and her refusal to be locked into a particular style, it is Fohr’s preternaturally deep voice that has most amazed listeners, inspiring comparisons to genre-defying male singers like Scott Walker and Tim Buckley, as well as female singers like Nina Simone and even Billie Holiday.