Thomas Byrne Edsall

America’s Sweetheart

America’s Sweetheart

The Way Things Ought To Be

by Rush Limbaugh

See, I Told You So

by Rush H. Limbaugh III


by Michael Arkush

The Rush Limbaugh Story: Talent on Loan from God
An Unauthorized Biography

by Paul D. Colford

October 6, 1994 issue

Clinton, So Far

The Scar of Race

by Paul Sniderman and Thomas Piazza

Mad as Hell: Revolt at the Ballot Box, 1992

by Jack W. Germond and Jules Witcover

The Lincoln Persuasion: Remaking American Liberalism

by David Greenstone

October 7, 1993 issue

Willie Horton’s Message

Public Opinion in America: Moods, Cycles, and Swings

by James A. Stimson

The Reasoning Voter: Communication and Persuasion in Presidential Campaigns

by Samuel L. Popkin

The End of Realignment? Interpreting American Electoral Eras

edited by Byron E. Shafer

February 13, 1992 issue

Democrats on the Take

Democrats on the Take

Fluctuating Fortunes: The Political Power of Business in America

by David Vogel

Honest Graft: Big Money and the American Political Process

by Brooks Jackson

July 20, 1989 issue

The Political Impasse

Political Parties in the American Mold

by Leon D. Epstein

The Paradox of Mass Politics: Knowledge and Opinion in the American Electorate

by W. Russell Neuman

March 26, 1987 issue

Republican America

Republican America

The Party Goes On: The Persistence of the Two-Party System in the United States

by Xandra Kayden and Eddie Mahe Jr.

April 24, 1986 issue

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