Thomas Sheehan

Thomas Sheehan is Professor of Religious Studies at Stanford University. (December 2001)

Heidegger and the Nazis

Heidegger et le nazisme

by Victor Farias, translated from Spanish and German into French by Myriam Benarroch and Jean-Baptiste Grasset, preface by Christian Jambet

June 16, 1988 issue

The Dream of Karl Rahner

Foundations of Christian Faith: An Introduction to the Idea of Christianity

by Karl Rahner, translated by William V. Dych

Concern for the Church: Theological Investigations XX

by Karl Rahner, translated by Edward Quinn

February 4, 1982 issue

Quo Vadis, Wojtyla?

Declaration on Some Major Points in the Theological Doctrine of Professor Hans Küng

by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Kirche-Gehalten in der Wahrheit?

[The Church-Maintained in Truth?] Hans Küng

Jesus, An Experiment in Christology

by Edward Schillebeeckx, translated by Hubert Hoskins

February 7, 1980 issue

Paris: Moses and Polytheism

Barbarism with a Human Face

by Bernard-Henri Lévy, translated by George Holoch

Le testament de Dieu

by Bernard-Henri Lévy

Les idées à l'endroit

by Alain de Benoist

Vu de droite

by Alain de Benoist

January 24, 1980 issue

Italy: Behind the Ski Mask

Guerriglia e guerra rivoluzionaria in Italia [Guerrilla Warfare and Revolutionary War in Italy]

by Sabino S. Acquaviva

II seme religioso della rivolta [The Religious Seed of Revolt]

by Sabino S. Acquaviva

Marx oltre Marx: Quaderno di lavoro sui Grundrisse [Marx Beyond Marx: A Workbook on the Grundrisse]

by Antonio Negri

La fabbrica della strategia: 33 lezioni su Lenin [The Factory of Strategy: 33 Lectures on Lenin]

by Antonio Negri

II dominio e il sabotaggio: Sul methodo marxista della trasformazione sociale [Domination and Sabotage: On the Marxist Method of Social Transformation]

by Antonio Negri

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August 16, 1979 issue

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