Ruskin Retrouvé

On Reading Ruskin: Prefaces to 'La Bible d'Amiens' and 'Sésame et les Lys' with Selections from the Notes to the Translated Texts

by Marcel Proust, translated and edited by Jean Autret and William Burford and Phillip J. Wolfe, with an introduction by Richard Macksey
In November of 1880 A.C. Benson was a boy at Eton, and president of the school’s literary and scientific society. As such, he was deputed to meet a distinguished guest speaker: There were at that time some quaint survivals at Eton,…but the figure before me seemed to have come from …

Unhappy Utopian

Redesigning the World: William Morris, the 1880s, and the Arts and Crafts

by Peter Stansky

The Collected Letters of William Morris Volume I, 1848–1880

edited by Norman Kelvin
In his rough serge suit and open-necked shirt, William Morris was often taken for an artisan. This pleased him, but in truth his appearance was at odds with his position, and his tastes. Morris had inherited a considerable private income from shares in a copper mine, for he came from …