Timothy Hyman’s most recent book is The World New Made: Figurative Painting in the Twentieth Century. For his work as a painter he was elected to the Royal Academy in 2011. (April 2018)


A Born-Again Jew

R.B. Kitaj: The Ohio Gang, 1964

Confessions of an Old Jewish Painter

by R.B. Kitaj, with a preface by David Hockney, edited and with an epilogue by Eckhart J. Gillen
The American-born painter R.B. Kitaj’s reputation as an artist rests chiefly on a sequence of perhaps twenty fully realized paintings. Their complex, many-layered imagery reveals what he called his “teeming neurasthenic mind.” Those works became (in Britain at least, where Kitaj was based for almost forty years) inseparable from his …