Assisted Suicide: The Philosophers’ Brief

Later this year the Supreme Court will decide two cases posing the question whether dying patients have a right to choose death rather than continued pain and suffering. We print here the brief filed as amicus curiae in these cases by the group of six moral philosophers listed above, with …

Partisan For Life

Life's Dominion: An Argument about Abortion, Euthanasia, and Individual Freedom

by Ronald Dworkin
Ronald Dworkin is our leading public philosopher. Over the past twenty-five years, mainly in these pages, he has taken up some of the most difficult issues facing us as a nation: military conscription and civil disobedience, affirmative action and the meaning of equality, the scope and meaning of the First …

Down from Liberalism

A Conflict of Visions

by Thomas Sowell
Thomas Sowell is an economist who has attracted much attention for his conservative views. Sowell writes a widely syndicated newspaper column, in which one finds a steady stream of spirited attacks on liberal ideas and policies. For example, Sowell attacks businessmen who oppose apartheid by divesting themselves and their companies …