The Elections: Why the System Has Failed

One week to the day before the New Hampshire primary last February 26, Representative John Anderson of Illinois, his daughter, his traveling staff, and his trailing press corps drove through sunny weather and a strangely snowless countryside from Manchester to Hanover—all in one van. Mr. Anderson, then exciting more public …

Who Crushed Nixon’s Revolution?

The Politics of a Guaranteed Income: The Nixon Administration and the Family Assistance Plan

by Daniel P. Moynihan
In April, 1969, Arthur Burns, then a counselor to President Nixon, now the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, launched a strong attack within the White House on the “family security system” about to be adopted by Mr. Nixon. Burns caused to be prepared, among other documents, “A Short History …

The Politics Before Us

The following is based on the transcript of an extemporaneous speech given by Tom Wicker to a meeting sponsored by the New Democratic Coalition in New York on January 12. I was asked to talk today about the results of the 1970 elections and where they may have left us.