Walter Pincus is a columnist for The Cipher Brief.


Pass the SALT: An Interview with Paul Warnke

Paul Warnke was Director of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency until he resigned last autumn. He was the chief negotiator of the SALT II treaty for the Carter administration. The following talk with Walter Pincus took place early in May. WALTER PINCUS: What do you make of the …


US Immigration: Waiting for Chaos

Cuban migrants stranded on their way to the US, Casa Nazareth shelter in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, February 16, 2017

Trump’s recent efforts to use blunt executive power to close our borders and prepare the way for deporting large numbers of undocumented immigrants are confronting far-reaching problems. Not only is there opposition from federal judges, the business sector, civil liberties groups, and others; there is also a major roadblock from another quarter: our already broken system of immigration laws and immigration courts.