Wendy Doniger

Wendy Doniger is the author of over forty books, including The Hindus: An Alternative History and The Donigers of Great Neck: A Mythologized Memoir. Her most recent books are An American Girl in India: Letters and Reflections, 1963–64 and After the War: The Last Books of the Mahabharata. (May 2023)

Hearing the ‘Ramayana’ Again

Hearing the ‘Ramayana’ Again

The centrality and vitality of the Ramayana in Indian culture today, its enormous historical importance and continued use in mythological historicizing, can be only roughly approximated in Europe and America by the Bible.

The Rāmāyaṇa of Vālmīki: The Complete English Translation

translated from the Sanskrit by Robert P. Goldman, Sally J. Sutherland Goldman, Rosalind Lefeber, Sheldon I. Pollock, and Barend A. van Nooten; and revised and edited by Robert P. Goldman and Sally J. Sutherland Goldman

April 7, 2022 issue

Unspeakable Sins


by Moshe Halbertal and Avishai Margalit, translated by Naomi Goldblum

April 21, 1994 issue

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