Wilfrid Sheed

Wilfrid Sheed (1915–2011) was a British-American novelist and critic.

Outside Baseball

Outside Baseball

Summer of '49

by David Halberstam

The Progress of the Seasons: Forty Years of Baseball in Our Town

by George V. Higgins

Necessities: Racial Barriers in American Sports

by Philip M. Hoose

Blackball Stars: Negro League Pioneers

by John B. Holway

Crash: The Life and Times of Dick Allen

by Dick Allen and Tim Whitaker

The Story of My Life

by Hank Greenberg, edited and with an introduction by Ira Berkow

Out of the Blue

by Orel Hershiser, with Jerry B. Jenkins

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October 12, 1989 issue

The Exile

The Exile

In Search of J.D. Salinger

by Ian Hamilton

October 27, 1988 issue

A Farewell to Hemingstein

The Garden of Eden

by Ernest Hemingway

Dateline: Toronto/The Complete Toronto Star Dispatches, 1920–1924

by Ernest Hemingway, edited by William White

Hemingway: A Biography

by Jeffrey Meyers

Along With Youth: Hemingway, The Early Years

by Peter Griffin

The Young Hemingway

by Michael Reynolds

Ernest Hemingway and His World

by Anthony Burgess

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June 12, 1986 issue



The Red Smith Reader

edited by Dave Anderson

To Absent Friends from Red Smith

by Red Smith

Late Innings: A Baseball Companion

by Roger Angell

When All Hell Broke Loose in Baseball

by Red Barber

September 23, 1982 issue

Brass Bands and Raspberries

Brass Bands and Raspberries

In Search of History: A Personal Adventure

by Theodore H. White

Make-Believe Presidents: Illusions of Power from McKinley to Carter

by Nicholas von Hoffman

November 9, 1978 issue

Desperate Character

How It Was

by Mary Welsh Hemingway

Papa: A Personal Memoir

by Gregory H. Hemingway MD, with a preface by Norman Mailer

By Force of Will: The Life and Art of Ernest Hemingway

by Scott Donaldson

May 12, 1977 issue

Milking the Elk

Milking the Elk

America in the Movies

by Michael Wood

The Men Who Made the Movies

by Richard Schickel

Life Goes to the Movies

The Silent Clowns

by Walter Kerr

April 15, 1976 issue

America’s Catholics


by Brian Moore

Aphrodite in Mid-Century: Growing Up Female and Catholic in Postwar America

by Caryl Rivers

The Last Catholic in America

by John R. Powers

The Seduction of the Spirit: The Use and Misuse of People's Religion

by Harvey Cox

Bare Ruined Choirs: Doubt, Prophecy, and Radical Religion

by Garry Wills

The Rise of the Unmeltable Ethnics: Politics and Culture in the Seventies

by Michael Novak

Catholic America

by John Cogley

Fragments of the Century

by Michael Harrington

The New Agenda

by Andrew M. Greeley

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March 7, 1974 issue

Everybody’s Mafia

Everybody’s Mafia

The American Mafia: Genesis of a Legend

by Joseph L. Albini

The Mafia Is Not an Equal Opportunity Employer

by Nicholas Gage

Honor Thy Father: The Inside Book on the Mafia

by Gay Talese

The Godfather

by Mario Puzo

The Godfather

directed by Francis Ford Coppola

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July 20, 1972 issue

I Am a Cabaret

I Am a Cabaret


directed by Bob Fosse, screenplay by Jay Allen

March 23, 1972 issue



The Collected Short Prose of James Agee

edited, with a Memoir by Robert Fitzgerald

May 22, 1969 issue

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