Yankee Doodle Andy

Fathers and Children: Andrew Jackson and the Subjugation of the American Indian

by Michael Paul Rogin
Professor Rogin’s first book, The Intellectuals and McCarthy: The Radical Specter, told us much about the liberal mind by reviewing its effort to discredit populism by tying it to McCarthy. In his new book he is writing one kind of psychohistory to reveal, through a lay analysis of Andrew Jackson, …


Nixon in the White House: The Frustration of Power

by Rowland Evans Jr. and Robert D. Novak

The First Two Years of the Nixon Watch

by John Osborne
Almost everyone who has tried to make sense of Richard Milhous Nixon has acknowledged serious doubts about the value of the effort, admitted spells of boredom and outbursts of anger, and confessed recurrent frustration in finding and understanding the man. Their exasperation calls to mind the old children’s game: “Nixon, …

Ol’ Lyndon

The Vantage Point: Perspectives of the Presidency, 1963-1969

by Lyndon Baines Johnson
The issue here is how we read a document. For how we read determines what we learn. So far, at any rate, we have not been learning much from this slyly honest witness. Mostly we have heard a frustrated (and therefore angry) complaint that Ol’ Lyndon did not go naked …


Woodrow Wilson's China Policy, 1913-1917

by Tien-yi Li

The Higher Realism of Woodrow Wilson and Other Essays

by Arthur S. Link
The growing awareness that the interventions in Cuba, Santo Domingo, and Vietnam were not accidents, mistakes, blunders, or aberrations has not produced much serious discussion of the process whereby such action became the American Way of dealing with the restless natives of the empire. It is not enough to say …