Socialist Celebrity

Norman Thomas: The Last Idealist

by W.A. Swanberg
Large radical movements often have had both their saintly figures and their politicians. The socialist movement in America, having been small and unsuccessful, had to combine the two images into one, in the person of Norman Thomas. Not that Thomas was either a saint or a very practical politician; but …

Running Off-Tackle

Mad Ducks and Bears

by George Plimpton
Now that football has entered the literary life of this country, it has lost its innocence. We’ve begun to study it, analyze it, look behind the scene. We now see that it is no longer simply a game, however violent and complicated, but like other kinds of big-time entertainment a …

Old Flames

Echoes of Revolt: The Masses 1911-1917

edited by William O'Neill, Introduction by Irving Howe
This handsome, almost too handsome, collection of pieces and drawings from The Masses (the old pre-Communist magazine, not to be confused with the New Masses) could not have come out at a better time. For with the emergence of a New Left, the radicalism of the past has come into …

History on the Couch

Crowds and Power

by Elias Canetti
Sooner or later, Europe was bound to break the American monopoly in the manufacture of new social theories and facts. Since the war the study of society has become an American industry, and though the sociologists have naturally been the biggest producers, a few historians, some glossy journalists, and a …