Witold Rybczynski

Witold Rybczynski is the Meyerson Professor of Urbanism at the University of Pennsylvania, and is the architecture critic for Slate. His book on American building, Last Harvest, was published in 2007.

Genius in Concrete

Ove Arup: Masterbuilder of the Twentieth Century

by Peter Jones

May 10, 2007 issue

Palladio Forever!

The Four Books on Architecture

by Andrea Palladio,translated from the Italian by Robert Tavernor and Richard Schofield

The Drawings of Andrea Palladio

by Douglas Lewis

July 18, 2002 issue

City Lights

The Seduction of Place: The City in the Twenty-First Century

Joseph Rykwert

Laws of the Landscape: How Policies Shape Cities in Europe and America

Pietro S. Nivola

June 21, 2001 issue

Partner in the Park

Partner in the Park

Country, Park & City: The Architecture and Life of Calvert Vaux

by Francis R. Kowsky

August 13, 1998 issue

This New House

A Place of My Own: The Education of an Amateur Builder

by Michael Pollan

May 15, 1997 issue


The New American Ghetto

by Camilo José Vergara

October 31, 1996 issue

Design for Living

Engineers of Dreams: Great Bridge Builders and the Spanning of America

by Henry Petroski

November 16, 1995 issue

The Mystery of Cities

The City Shaped: Urban Patterns and Meanings Through History

by Spiro Kostof

The City Assembled: The Elements of Urban Form Through History

by Spiro Kostof

Cities Without Suburbs

by David Rusk

July 15, 1993 issue

Pale Fire

Disfiguring: Art, Architecture, Religion

by Mark C. Taylor

November 19, 1992 issue

Collapsing Modernism

Collapsing Modernism

The Details of Modern Architecture

by Edward R. Ford

Architecture: The Natural and the Manmade

by Vincent Scully

February 13, 1992 issue

Getting Away from It All

The Villa: Form and Ideology of Country Houses

by James S. Ackerman

The Architect and the American Country House, 1890–1940

by Mark Alan Hewitt, architectural photographs by Richard Cheek

The American Country House

by Roger W. Moss

The American Country House

by Clive Aslet

Wheel Estate: The Rise and Decline of Mobile Homes

by Allan D. Wallis

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December 20, 1990 issue

Good Housekeeping

Culture and Comfort: People, Parlors, and Upholstery, 1850–1930

by Katherine C. Grier

November 9, 1989 issue

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