Four Hot Questions in Philosophy

Skepticism and Naturalism: Some Varieties (The Woodbridge Lectures 1983)

by P.F. Strawson
If one man were to be singled out as personifying Oxford analytic philosophy over the past thirty years, Sir Peter would be that person. In these four lectures, which he delivered at Columbia University in 1983, he weighs issues in four traditional arenas of philosophical contention. In one arena the …


Ways of Worldmaking

by Nelson Goodman
This book is a congeries. Not indeed an incongruous congeries, as of congers and costermongers, but withal a congeries to conjure with. For all its slenderness it offers us a philosophy of style, a philosophy of quotation, a philosophy of art, a philosophy of optical illusion, and a philosophy of …

Words Enough

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

edited by William Morris

The Random House Dictionary of the English Language College Edition, 1968

edited by Laurence Urdang, edited by Stuart Berg Flexner
We do not want dictionaries. (Want, v. tr. 1. to tail to have; be without; lack.) There are more dictionaries abroad than a body (Regional) can properly shake a stick at (Informal). The Random House Dictionary, Unabridged, came out three years ago. Meanwhile Random House continued to emend and reprint …

Charting the World

History of Cartography

by Leo Bagrow, Translated from the German by D.L. Paisey, revised and enlarged by R.A. Skelton
This handsome volume is high, wide, and two inches thick. If the text were printed continuously without lists and illustrations, it would account for only 120 of these spacious pages. The two inches are due partly to heavy paper and generous half-titles, partly to extensive lists, and mainly to the …

Science and Truth

Philosophy and Scientific Realism

by J.J.C. Smart
The Oxford-style philosopher, so influential nowadays, turns his good ear to the dictates of unspoiled common sense and his other to science. Historians of science itself, not to be outdone, take to belittling the force of evidence and saying how fashions spin the plot. Even leading quantum physicists have been …

On the Map

The Atlas of Britain and Northern Ireland

planned and directed by D.P. Bickmore and M.A. Shaw
Even in England, where it can be had for $73.50, this book will grace few homes. It is heavy equipment. Top to bottom it exceeds twenty inches, nineteen being a two-millionth of the length of Great Britain, and it opens to half a square yard. It can usefully occupy broad …