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On the NYRblog, Elaine Blair writes: “the setting is the near future, and Phoenix’s character, Theodore Twombly, a professional letter-writer for hire, falls in love with the voice—the very life-like persona—of his computer operating system, which uses an advanced form of artificial intelligence. The best moments of the movie are funny ones, in my view, though it ends up pulling away from the comic potential of its conceit and becomes an earnest break-up drama with a swelling piano score.

“The film invites us to contemplate the differences between human females and humanoid ones. Theodore, we see, feels defeated by the recent failure of his marriage. He is baffled by the emotional complexities and frustrations of romantic relationships and lacks the optimism to start a new one. A charming, ingenuous, honey-voiced operating system is just his speed, and in a way not so different from the anonymous phone sex (with real people on the other end of the line) that he’s been having to pass the time.”

Now on national release. For more information please visit herthemovie.com.

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