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Victims from the April 8, 1965 issue

To the Editors:

I must take exception to either Mr. Kempton’s or Mr. Bessie’s comment (“Victims,” April 8) on the Texarkana Prison…”the place was…a pesthole even by prison standards.” Compared to what or where? Mr. Kempton or Mr. Bessie would do well to compare this limited custody institution with some of the others of its kind—Seagoville (convicts used to “escape” from civilian life back to this one, I know), Chillicothe, etc. These are considered the “country clubs” of penal institutions—or at least were when my father (now retired) taught in the prison system. If they really want “pest holes” try a maximum custody institution—Leavenworth, Alcatraz; or any state prison—Lansing, Sing Sing. On the other hand, any prison is a pest hole to the inmate.

David K. Carnahan

New York City

This Issue

May 6, 1965