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Fulbright: From Hawk to Dove (Part 2) from the January 12, 1967 issue

To The Editors:

In the first paragraph of “Fulbright: From Hawk to Dove (Part 2)” [NYR, Jan. 12], I. F. Stone reports that in 1954 the “late Ed Johnson of Colorado” was the “only Senator to speak up against ‘sending American GI’s into the mud and muck of Indochina.”‘ In fact, Johnson is still alive and still says the same thing. According to the Denver Post (Jan. 5) he told the Lions Club in Boulder, Colorado that the war in Vietnam is “the worst war that the United States has ever been in.” He was also reported to have said, about Castro, “We’ve got a Communist right here on our own doorstep…So, if we’re not going to fight with him, why do we go 12,000 miles away to fight with the Commies?”

Neale Reinitz

Colorado Springs

I.F Stone replies:

I regret the error and rejoice that I was mistaken.

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March 9, 1967