To the Editors:

From mid-April through May this year, Resist planned and carried out a series of ten benefit poetry readings, across the country from Portland to Philadelphia. The thirty-six poets participating used this means to declare their support of resistance to the draft and to the military. Their energy helped to raise more than $5,000 for funding local projects.

After Robert Bly’s reading of a new anti-war poem, the Amherst painter, Wang Hui-Ming, was moved to offer twenty copies of his new portfolio of wood-cuts (a limited edition of 100) to be sold for the benefit of the resistance movement. We wish, therefore, to offer readers of the New York Review an opportunity to contribute to the movement and to enjoy the pleasures of Wang Hui-Ming’s celebration of love.

The portfolio contains nine wood-cuts “of sensuous figures” and four pages of calligraphy in Chinese and in English, including a poem of Po Chu-I and three love poems by Robert Bly. Every page of the figure impressions is signed and numbered by the artist. The price of the portfolio is $200. Please make checks payable to Resist (Room 4, 763 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 02139).

Florence Howe

Baltimore, Maryland

This Issue

July 31, 1969