Florence Howe

The Draft and Its Opposition

The Draft and Its Opposition

The Draft? A Report Prepared for the Peace Education Division of the American Friends Service Committee

How to End the Draft: The Case for an All-Volunteer Army

Congressmen Horton, Schweiker, Shriver, Stafford and Whalen, edited by Douglas Bailey, edited by Steve Herbits

Bitter Greetings

by Jean Carper

The New Draft Law: A Manual for Lawyers and Counsellors

edited by Ann Fagan Ginger

1001 Ways to Beat the Draft

by Tuli Kupferberg and Robert Bashlow

How to Stay Out of the Army: A Guide to Your Rights Under the Draft Law

by Conrad J. Lynn

Why the Draft: The Case for a Volunteer Army

by James C. Miller III, et al.

National Lawyers Guild Practitioner, Vol. 26, No. 3 (Summer, 1967): Special issue on Selective Service

Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada

edited by Mark Satin

The Draft: A Handbook of Facts and Alternatives

edited by Sol Tax

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June 20, 1968 issue

The School Mess

Toward Creating a Model School System: A Study of the Washington, D.C. Public Schools

by A. Harry Passow. and Others

February 1, 1968 issue

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